Green Steel


The climate crisis is urgent

It is therefore imperative that we reduce our CO2 emissions as quickly as possible and thus contribute to the climate goals. This is also a very important issue in the steel industry. Therefore, steel producers are also working hard on this: investing in new and cleaner technologies, coming up with solutions that can be innovative and competitive.

Step by step joining climate objectives

From KS Service Center we are also very active in this. We therefore make certain choices in sourcing and purchasing that are in line with climate objectives. Because we attach great importance to this, for ourselves and for the future of our children.

Why choose Green Steel?

In our commitment to a sustainable future, we offer "Green Steel," an opportunity to join us in making a positive impact. By choosing Green Steel, you commit to a set of selling points that underscore the move to sustainability:

  • Toward carbon-neutral steel and a future we really want: Green Steel is a step toward a low-carbon future and a livable planet for generations to come.
  • Reduce your scope 3 emissions: By embracing Green Steel, you help reduce your indirect emissions and contribute to the overall reduction of your company's carbon footprint.
  • Innovate and take the lead: By choosing Green Steel, you are demonstrating innovation and sustainability leadership within your industry.
  • Contribute to CO₂ savings and reduce your company's carbon footprint: Green Steel provides tangible benefits by achieving CO₂ savings and a lower carbon footprint for your business.

We are proud of the opportunity to offer Green Steel in our portfolio. Our account managers, Peter van Vugt and Gregory Rombaut, are ready to provide you with more information. Contact them at and find out how Green Steel can help your company achieve your sustainability goals.

Our offering:


Green RRP

Based on certificates Physical carbon-free steel
Based on CO₂ savings
by reduction of fossil coal
Based on at least 75% scrap
Available in all grades

(see product catalog)

Electric blast furnace powered
With 100% renewable energy
82% * CO₂ : 2,57T → 458Kg Per T Steel -69%* CO₂:2,57T → 797Kg Per T Steel

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