Steel strips

We supply customised flat steel sheets in various formats, for example formwork, fabrication shops or other areas of application. Please contact Peter van Vugt or Joost Glimmerveen if you would like advice on the quality you are looking for or specific finishing operations.

Een voorraad van meerdere rollen nog niet geslitte coils sendzimir verzinkt en zink magnesium staal die op de slitmachine geslit gaan worden tot bandstaal.

The following qualities are the most commonly supplied:

  • Hot rolled pickled: DD11 to D14, S185 to S700
  • Sendzimir galvanised: DX51 to DX57, S220 to S550, HX180 to HX700 and Z050 - Z275
  • Magnesium Zinc: DX51 to DX57, S220 to S550, HX180 to HX700 and ZMA050 - ZMA275
  • Cold-rolled: DC01 to DC06, HC260 to HC420
  • Aluzinc: DX51D+AZ to DX54D+AZ, S220GD+AZ to S550GD+AZ, H220YD+AZ to HX420LAD+AZ
  • Electrolytic galvanised: DC01+ZE to DC07+ZE, HC260LA+ZE to HC420LA+ZE
  • Aluminised: DX51, AS120
  • Pre-finished, such as: polyester, plastisol
  • RVS FE430, 304_2B, 316_2B

Is your desired quality not among them? Please contact us directly!

We can supply you sheets in the following sizes.
Sheet sizes:

  • Small: 2,000 * 1,000
  • Medium:2,500 * 1.250
  • Large: 3,000 * 1.500

Deviating sizes are possible. Please contact us for this.

Sheet thickness:

  • 0.3 mm - 8.0 mm

Thickness tolerances follow EN standards, more accurately is possible in consultation.

Sheet width:

  • Minimum width: 100 mm, depending on thickness band
  • Maximum width: 1,500 mm
  • Width tolerance: -0/ +6 mm

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