What is Magnelis® steel

Magnelis® Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Steel (ZM steel) is provided in a molten bath with a zinc alloy with a unique chemical composition of 3.5% aluminum and 3% magnesium. As a specialist in Zinc Magnesium strip steel and plate, KS Service Center has a wide range of grades and thicknesses with short lead times available!

  • Why is Magnelis® steel 10 times more resistant to corrosion than galvanized steel?
  • What makes Magnelis® steel the best protective cladding in aggressive environments?
  • Why is Magnelis® steel a cheaper alternative to the piece galvanizing process?
  • Why is it that Zinc Aluminum Magnesium steel is more environmentally friendly than other galvanized steels?

After reading this text, you will know why Magnelis® steel is better protected against corrosion, more durable and a cheaper alternative.

KS Service Center can supply you with custom strip and sheet with the following zinc aluminum magnesium layers from the complete Magnelis® ZM range: ZM70, ZM90, ZM120, ZM175, ZM200, ZM250, ZM310, ZM430, ZM620 and ZM800.

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An extensive 8-month testing period showed that no other product offers better protection in chloride environments (coastal areas, swimming pool) or ammonia environments (barn, farm) than Magnelis®. ZM steel offers better corrosion resistance than standard hot-dip galvanized steel. In an ammonia environment, a Magnelis® cladding will corrode seven times less than a standard zinc cladding.

In acidic environments with a pH between 10 and 13, Magnelis® offers better corrosion resistance than other metallic coatings. The chemical composition of the product provides a stronger barrier to corrosion in ammonia environments.

Best protection in chloride or ammonia environments.

In acidic environments such as vineyards and greenhouses with pH between 10 and 13, Magnelis® offers better corrosion resistance than other metallic coatings. The chemical composition of the product provides a stronger barrier to corrosion in ammonia environments.

Self-healing ability

Just like your skin, this Zinc Aluminum Magnesium alloy steel can heal itself. The Magnelis® ZM steel is designed so that the coating has a self-healing ability to treat scratches, perforations and cut edges by chemical reaction.

Perfect alternative to piece galvanizing, stainless steel and aluminum

Magnelis® is much lighter compared to the subsequent hot-dip galvanizing of steel products. A -depending on the environment- 2 to 4 times lighter zinc layer can be used, while the corrosion resistance is considerably better and the product is cheaper. Because there is one less link in the production chain, less personnel and transportation are required.

Did you know that Magnelis® steel protects against corrosion just as well against high-performance products like stainless steel and aluminum while costing less?

More durable

In addition to being highly corrosion resistant, ZM steel is also more environmentally friendly than products with pure zinc coatings.

  • Lower zinc consumption compared to pure zinc coatings.
  • Significantly lower zinc run-off rate.
  • Less dirt deposition when processing the steel than with regular zinc.

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