Providing customer-oriented service also means contributing to a world in which we live together.

KS Service Center pays attention to sustainability and the global goals.

Together energy conscious

Via solar collectors on the roofs of our buildings we collect as much of the energy we need. We encourage our employees to drive electrically and our parking lot has several charging points. Besides that, our slit strip steel is used for various solar projects all over the world. In this way we work in an energy-conscious way towards a sustainable world.

Sustainable purchasing

We are happy to purchase from organizations that have designed their products and processes in such a way that they contribute as optimally as possible to sustainability.

  • Steel

Think of CO2 neutrally produced steel or steel types that offer long-term surface protection against wear in the most demanding environments, such as Zinc Magnesium,

"With the use of Zinc-Magnesium steel, more sustainable products are created,

that require less maintenance. They are also 100% and infinitely recyclable. KS Service Center and our customers appreciate the environmentally friendly aspects of ZM steel."

Corné Rottier, General Manager KS Service Center

  • Green Steel

Green Steel is CO2 neutrally produced steel, tested by an independent international agency.

  • Wood

The wood that KS Service Center processes for transport is purchased critically. We do this at suppliers who only process wood from sustainably managed forests and who are PEFC certified. For example, our slit strip steel is also used for sustainable projects, such as solar and agrofood.

Prevent damage

To protect the strip steel produced against dust, we wrap the intermediate timbers with foil. Our customers like this, because in this way no wood residues stick to the steel. This prevents damage in their own production process. Less damage means less waste.

In this way we contribute to a sustainable future together.

Waste recycling

At KS Service Center we naturally also strive for the minimum possible waste flow. For example, residual material is collected by professional, certified service providers, who in turn recycle it completely.

Green chain

Collaboration with environmentally conscious suppliers and customers contributes to sustainability in the entire supply chain. It is necessary that we reduce our CO2 emissions as quickly as possible and thus contribute to the climate objectives. Sustainability is given the attention it deserves throughout the chain.