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At KS Service Center, we understand that every industry has unique needs. Our deep knowledge and experience in the steel industry comes naturally to our clients - and rightly so. It stems from our history as a supplier of strip steel. For our customers, we make a difference with our ability to empathize with our customers' needs and requirements.

Customer-oriented thinking

In addition to the quality of our products, one of our major drivers is customer-oriented thinking and action. As a customer, you need more than steel products. It's all about the services that best suit your applications and your work processes. Whether you are in metalworking or in the construction industry, we think with you to provide solutions that optimize your results.

Flexibility and reliability

Our clients appreciate our commitment, flexibility and reliable delivery terms. We understand that time and precision are essential in your industry so that your work processes can continue uninterrupted. That's why we make sure we get to know your company and its processes well. Not for nothing do we strive for a cooperation that is not only result-oriented and efficient, but in which we also build a long-term working relationship that you can rely on.

Discover our services for your sector

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At KS Service Center, we offer not just steel, but customized solutions that fit what you really need.