Our commitment to sustainability

In a rapidly changing world with increasing focus on climate change and sustainability, KS Service Center has turned conviction into action. In this blog, we take you on our sustainability journey, taking concrete steps to make a positive impact on our planet. Discover how, without getting bogged down in extensive reports, we are striving for a more sustainable future.

The world around us is changing. We are seeing climate change, more extreme weather events, and discussions about sustainability can no longer be avoided. Some deny the challenges, while others strive to make a difference. We are faced with reports, lectures and interviews on the subject, and the need for sustainability is becoming more and more apparent.

For me personally, there are two main reasons to take action. First, I want to leave a habitable planet for my four young children. Second, from my deeply held beliefs, I view sustainability as stewardship: the responsibility to protect and preserve our world for generations to come.

It's great to see that this belief has grown stronger and stronger at KS Service Center recently. We, as owners and management, don't just want to talk, we want to act. Decisiveness is in our DNA and we want to harness this power for sustainable action.

At KS Service Center, we strive for results, not voluminous reports. Our focus is on action, on taking concrete steps toward a more sustainable world.

Specifically, we are working on several projects, large and small, all aimed at creating a more sustainable future. We would like to share these projects with you in the near future. Not only to inspire you, but also to support you. If you have ideas or need help with your own sustainable initiatives, let us know. Together we can make a difference.

Thank you for your support and keep following us for updates on our sustainability efforts.

- Corné Rottier, Managing Director of KS Service Center