Our services: More than just steel

At KS Service Center, we understand that delivering steel involves more than just the product itself. Our goal is not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them by offering a wide range of services designed to take the worry out of your hands completely. As your “green” supply chain partner, reliability, quality and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. Below we explain our core services and how they contribute to the continuity and efficiency of your processes.

Procurement Consulting

The steel market is dynamic and affected by many external factors, including political developments and global events. Our sourcing advice helps you navigate this volatility by identifying the best time to purchase so you can take advantage of optimal prices and delivery terms.


A smooth logistics operation is essential to the success of your projects. By outsourcing the logistics of your steel to us, you ensure continuity and reliable delivery conditions. We take a flexible approach to meet your specific needs.

Wage slitting

Our contract slitting service provides the precision you need for your coils, slit to your exact specifications. This service is more than just steel cutting; with precision, we ensure that the finished product meets your exact requirements.

Metal Advice

With our extensive experience and network within the steel industry, we offer expert advice on the best steel grades and treatments for your project. From durability to machinability, we are happy to share our knowledge to help you make the right choices.


Outsourcing the storage of your steel to KS Service Center guarantees not only space savings at your site, but also assurance of the availability of your materials when you need them.


The quality of the steel is partly determined by the method of packaging. We deliver the steel in your desired packaging, keeping it optimally protected during transport and storage and ready for use when it arrives.

At KS Service Center, we work hard to deliver on our promise of “Services you really want.” We immerse ourselves in your demand and the application of the steel, tailoring our services to what you really need. Together, we are committed to the sustainability and success of your projects. At KS Service Center, you are more than a customer; you are a partner with whom we build the future together.