Zinc Magnesium (ZM) steel:
A durable, flexible and fast delivery alternative

In a world where durability and fast delivery times are increasingly important, Zinc Magnesium (ZM) steel is an excellent alternative for various applications. In addition to its longer life and superior corrosion resistance, ZM meets the growing market demand for more environmentally friendly steel. At KS Service Center, we understand our customers' needs and offer high-quality ZM steel, backed by our core promises of durability, flexibility and fast delivery.


As a sustainability leader in the industry, we are proud to offer Zinc Magnesium steel. This type of steel is 100% recyclable and has significantly lower zinc leaching than traditional galvanized steel. This makes it less harmful to the environment. By choosing ZM steel, our customers are contributing to a greener future and reducing their carbon footprint. This is also seen and appreciated by their clients. ZM steel fits into our growing range of sustainable steel, which also includes Green Steel with lower CO2 emissions.


Our customers have diverse needs for their often extensive project portfolios. Sourcing steel from one supplier is often preferred because it keeps the procurement and administration process orderly. This is why KS Service Center offers a wide range of grades and thicknesses of ZM steel. Whether for applications for floating solar panels at sea, the agricultural sector or other projects; our ZM steel is flexible and adaptable to various circumstances. We think creatively and offer customized solutions for every project.

Fast Delivery

At KS Service Center, we understand that good planning is essential for our customers. And sometimes a project just requires great urgency. That's why we ensure a smooth logistics process and efficient inventory management, so we can always deliver quickly and on time. Our advanced slitter runs 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Our team is always ready to provide customers with their required ZM steel on schedule and at the desired time.

Why choose KS Service Center?

At KS Service Center, we go beyond simply providing high-quality steel. We pursue long-term relationships with our customers and invest in understanding their unique needs, processes and goals. Because of our reliable service, in-depth knowledge of the steel industry, excellent relationships with manufacturers and our extensive range of products, many customers have used our services for their diverse projects for many years.

When you choose KS Service Center, you choose:

  • A reliable and experienced partner in the steel industry.
  • High quality and durable ZM steel and other steels for a greener future.
  • Flexible customized solutions for your projects.
  • Timely and fast delivery so that you are never delayed.
  • A dedicated team always ready to advise and support you.

Find out how to take your project to the next level. Invest in the future with Zinc Magnesium steel from KS Service Center. Contact us today for a free consultation for your project.

ZM steel from KS Service Center:

Better projects and a more sustainable world. Together we are building a strong future.