A sustainable step forward: fueling with biodiesel

At KS Service Center, we are making great strides in the area of sustainability. And soon we will add another great development: the use of HVO100 biofuel!

What is HVO100?

HVO100 stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil and is a renewable diesel fuel made from vegetable oils and fats. It is a low-carbon and clean fuel that contributes significantly to reducing carbon emissions and air pollution.

What does this mean for us?

We are taking another step in the implementation of our sustainability policy. Our Terberg tractor, which brings coils daily from our warehouse on Apolloweg to the distribution center on Oostelijk Randweg, will now be supplied with this environmentally friendly fuel.

Why is this important?

Sustainability is a focal point at KS Service Center. We strive to drastically reduce our carbon footprint to contribute to a cleaner future. By switching to HVO100, we not only reduce our carbon emissions, but we also reduce emissions of pollutants that affect air quality. With an annual consumption of 10,000 liters of HVO100 fuel, we save a whopping 22,920 kg of CO₂ emissions annually!

What are our next steps?

The introduction of HVO100 is just one of a series of initiatives we are undertaking to operate more sustainably. We continue to continually evaluate and improve our processes and operations to minimize our impact on the environment.