Annual Maintenance Break at KS Service Center

At KS Service Center, we are always working on innovation and progress, but sometimes it is essential to take a break, or rather, to inspect everything in detail. For us, this week is marked by the annual maintenance shutdown, a crucial time when we take a close look at our facilities and moving equipment.

Why an annual maintenance stop?

A maintenance stop is not an interruption of our services, but an assurance of the reliability and quality that you have come to expect from KS Service Center. Think of a comprehensive MOT for all our machines, such as cranes, slitters, conversion robots, and conveyors. Everything is inspected to perfection, and if necessary, overhauled.

No Surprises, Only Quality

Frank van de Ruit, our Operations Manager, stresses the importance of planning and periodic maintenance. "This maintenance stop was planned to perfection so that the customer was not inconvenienced by the annual maintenance. Everything was completed in the scheduled time and went as expected. Thanks to the monthly periodic maintenance, there were no surprises and all necessary parts were ordered well in advance."

Reliability as a Core Value

At KS Service Center, reliability is a core value alongside sustainability and flexibility. Monthly, we perform periodic maintenance, identifying risks of downtime. Critical parts are kept in stock so that we can move quickly in case of failure.

Our annual maintenance stop is more than just a routine; it is a commitment to the highest standards in quality and reliability. Thank you for your confidence in KS Service Center!