Blechexpo Reflections: sustainability in dynamic times

Looking back on a great week at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart! Inspiring talks on sustainability, where the tension between sustainability and economic challenges became clear.

Last week we attended Blechexpo in Stuttgart, and what an energetic time it was! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the valuable discussions, which provided deeper insights into the fascinating field of tension that the metals industry is currently grappling with: On the one hand, there is the need for steel mills to become more sustainable, which requires significant investments. On the other hand, we see a challenging economic climate, in which steel mills are facing significant financial losses.

In this area of tension, one task stands out like a rock: sustainability. A task not only for us, but especially for the future of our children. As KS Service Center, we are proud to do our part. Our ambition is - preferably together with our customers and suppliers - to play a leading role in this. And we are already well on our way! The first rolls of sustainably produced steel were delivered a few weeks ago, saving 250 tons of CO2 emissions. But think also of electric road transport, train use, investments in sustainable technologies, not to mention our sustainability mailbox, filled with ideas from our fantastic team. One team, one mission!

As our customers have come to expect from us, as an independent service center we also offer a wide range of materials from renowned European mills in durable steels: XCarb, Zeremis, WTopCarb, Bluemint, ArvZero. The sustainability movement in the market is starting to gain momentum. We will continue to keep you, our partners, continuously updated on the latest developments. Don't hesitate to contact us; let's shape the future together.

🌍 Sustainability starts with us, for the world.

- Corné Rottier Managing Director, KS Service Center