Meet Ilse!!! Our energetic marketer who works at KS Service Center every day with a wide smile. In our first employee interview, Ilse reveals the ins and outs of her position, why she enjoys going to work every day, and the sustainability ideas she has for our company!

Who are you? Tell a little more about yourself!

  • I'm Ilse, and I've enjoyed working at KS Service Center for a while now. Outside of work I like to be with girlfriends and at home with my cats.

What is your role at KS Service Center and what does it entail?

  • My role is that of a marketer. I am involved in all kinds of things - the website, social media, offline marketing, and recently I updated the office.

What do you enjoy most about working at KS Service Center?

  • Fun colleagues, varied work and the freedom. Oh, and the opportunity to let my creativity bounce around.

When it comes to sustainability, what ideas do you have for the company or for your own department?

  • We've already done a lot of good things, but I like to think ahead. One idea is to introduce more greenery in the office, maybe a real KS Service Center planting day? And who knows, one time a KS sustainability challenge for the whole team? Ideas galore!

What's the funniest or most enjoyable thing you've experienced since working at KS Service Center?

  • The company outings are always really fun, but the first delivery of the Green Steel was also a highlight. As a marketer, I got to prepare a lot and capture the entire campaign, which made it extra fun.