KS Service Center obtains ISO 14001 environmental management certificate

At KS Service Center, we are working hard every day to realize our sustainability ambitions as best we can. That is why we are quite proud that we recently obtained the ISO 14001 certificate, the internationally recognized certification for environmental management systems.

A great milestone with which we fulfill our promise to our customers and supply chain partners about environmental protection and sustainability one step further.

What does ISO 14001 mean to us?

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems. This standard makes our commitment to sustainability and the environment even more concrete. This is because the certificate enables us to measure our environmental impact, further reduce it and improve our processes in an even more targeted way.

Sustainability is our future

For us, obtaining this certificate marks another step on our way to sustainability. We are convinced that sustainable steel processing is the future, which is why we at KS Service Center are striving for greener alternatives and sustainable solutions. Find out what we can do for you in terms of sustainability and check out our greener product offerings here.

Meaning for our customers

The ISO 14001 certificate confirms our commitment to doing business in a sustainable manner. For you, our valued customer, this means that you are working with a partner that not only provides high-quality products and services, but also does so in a way that respects the environment. In more and more sectors and supply chains, accountability for environmental performance in construction projects or production processes is becoming the norm.

Therefore, green, sustainable steel is also becoming increasingly common for this reason. If you do business with KS Service Center, you can in turn be accountable to your clients if they ask for it.


Achieving an ISO standard is only possible if everyone puts their best foot forward in the process. We therefore also thank all colleagues at KS Service Center for their dedication to sustainability. Together we continue to strive for a greener future!!