KS Service Center and the KS Foundation: Together
building a better world

At KS Service Center, we believe that our success can and should contribute to a better world. This is reflected in our commitment to the KS Foundation, to which a portion of our annual profits are donated.

Building a better world together

The goal of the KS Foundation is to support projects aimed at promoting the economic independence of disadvantaged people. We believe that supporting people to take care of their own income is the most powerful form of assistance. It is not just a matter of providing for their daily needs, such as being able to send their children to school or pay necessary bills, but it is above all the independence and self-sufficiency they gain that we consider so important.

Our focus is both national and international. East Africa particularly attracts our attention because of the existing ties KS Industries. has with this region. For example, a steel profiling company was established in Ethiopia in 2004 with funding from KS Industries. We have chosen to support projects in East Africa aimed at improving the lives of entire communities through sustainable and structural change.

At the national level, the KS Foundation focuses on supporting projects in the broader region around Moerdijk, where KS Service Center is located. We strive to help people who are experiencing difficulties in the labor market. We do this by teaching them a trade and guiding them to work so that they can earn enough income to support themselves.

At KS Service Center, we believe that businesses have a responsibility in shaping a better world. The KS Foundation is our way of turning this belief into action. To learn more about the KS Foundation and the projects they support, visit the website.

About KS Service Center

KS Service Center specializes in processing and supplying sendzimir galvanized and zinc aluminum magnesium strip and sheet to size in a variety of thicknesses and grades. With extensive expertise in the steel industry and an extensive network of suppliers and supply chain partners, our people focus on the optimal unburdening of clients. KS Service Center stands for quality, speed, delivery reliability and sustainability.