Our history: The heritage of reliability

KS Service Center is not a casual name in the steel industry; it is a name that reaps the fruits of a rich and vibrant heritage. Our roots go back to 1975 when our parent company, Kontinex Steel, now KS Industries, was founded. This journey of more than four decades has brought us where we are today, a well-known name in Benelux and beyond for slit strip steel and steel plates.

The heritage of reliability

In 2005, our journey took an exciting turn when we purchased our own slitter. This investment made us more flexible in our delivery times and helped us leverage the slitter's excess capacity for other steel processing companies. A network of steel suppliers quickly expanded, and this led to the establishment of our own business unit 'Band and Plaat' in 2010.

Within 'Band and Plate' grew a dedicated team of 20 employees dedicated to competitively sourcing steel and producing slit strip and plates. In 2018, we decided to corporatize this business unit under the name KS Service Center BV.

Our new name represents what sets us apart: sustainable and reliable service. As a fully independently operating company, KS Service Center now supplies slit strip steel and steel plates to a wide range of customers in the Benelux and beyond.

For the full history of KS Industries, visit their website.