KS Service Center puts full effort into sustainability
with Green Steel

The urgency of the climate crisis can no longer be ignored. The need to reduce our CO2 emissions and contribute to climate goals is now greater than ever. The steel industry plays a crucial role in this. Steel producers are therefore investing heavily in new, cleaner technologies and innovative solutions that are competitive.

Cost-saving, sustainable and reduced emissions

At KS Service Center, we have long been committed to making our products and services more sustainable. We make thoughtful choices in our sourcing and purchasing aimed at supporting climate goals. We value this principle not only for our own well-being, but especially for the future of our children.

That is why we are excited to offer you our newest product: Green Steel. Green Steel is a unique steel, delivered through a sustainable supply chain and with the potential to contribute to more sustainable carbon accounting.

To learn more about Green Steel, please contact our account managers, Peter van Vugt and Gregory Rombaut. You can also send a request for our digital brochure at contact@ksservicecenter.com.

Take action now and make the transition to sustainability easier with KS Service Center and our Green Steel.

About KS Service Center

KS Service Center specializes in processing and supplying sendzimir galvanized and zinc aluminum magnesium strip steel and sheet to size in a variety of thicknesses and grades. With extensive expertise in the steel industry and an extensive network of suppliers and supply chain partners, our people focus on the optimal unburdening of clients. KS Service Center stands for quality, speed, delivery reliability and sustainability.