Solar farm 25 years carefree with
Magnelis® ZM800

Good news for steel processing companies installing structures in aggressive environments. After extensive test productions, Magnelis® ZM800 is being delivered in series production for the first time. This new Zinc Magnesium steel grade is very cost-effective. It is a considerably cheaper alternative to traditional aluminum or steel galvanizing and offers the customer up to 25 years guarantee against corrosion. To top it off, ZM800 is produced with significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Cost-saving, sustainable and reduced emissions

The new steel grade may be processed and supplied by KS Service Center as the first supplier in the world. Corné Rottier, General Manager, is proud: "This is a steel grade that relieves our customers on several fronts. By guaranteeing up to 25 years against corrosion, they can offer financiers more security on their projects. As a result, banks are more willing to lend to investors. In addition, the durability of this steel ensures that the maintenance costs of structures with this steel are substantially lower. Moreover, a ZM800 product is less environmentally damaging than an application that is galvanized to pieces afterwards, and I personally consider that very important as well." The ZM800 steel is processed by KS Service Center into strip steel that chain partners can use to produce profiles, among other things.

Features and Applications.

Magnelis® ZM800 has a zinc aluminum magnesium coating of no less than 800 grams per m2 for the total of both sides. This means a thickness of 65 µm per side. An 800-gram zinc aluminum magnesium coating is unique in the world of zinc magnesium coatings, according to the steel manufacturer. The thickest known zinc coating to date is 620 grams per m2. ZM800 is at least as corrosion-resistant as piece galvanized (post-galvanized) and a good alternative to aluminum.

These properties make ZM800 very attractive for applications in aggressive environments, both in terms of cost savings and processing. Traditionally, ram posts or applications on water are subsequently piece-galvanized. This is laborious and nowadays very costly due to energy prices. Steel with a zinc coating can be applied directly. This makes ZM800 the ideal steel grade for the production of fencing, solar panel mounting systems and marine structures.

Magnelis® ZM800 is a product of ArcelorMittal.

About Magnelis®

Magnelis® Zinc Aluminum Magnesium steel is coated in a molten bath with a metallic zinc coating with the unique chemical composition of 3.5% aluminum and 3% magnesium. The 3% magnesium content is crucial because it forms a stable and durable protective layer on the entire steel surface. This provides much better corrosion resistance than coatings with a lower magnesium content.

About KS Service Center

KS Service Center specializes in processing and supplying sendzimir galvanized and zinc aluminum magnesium strip and sheet to size in a variety of thicknesses and grades. With extensive expertise in the steel industry and an extensive network of suppliers and supply chain partners, our people focus on the optimal unburdening of clients. KS Service Center stands for quality, speed, delivery reliability and sustainability.

ZM800 is part of the complete Magnelis® range supplied by KS Service Center: ZM70, ZM90, ZM120, ZM175, ZM200, ZM250, ZM310, ZM430 and ZM620. Please contact us, we will be happy to inform you which type of Magnelis® ZM coating is perfect for your application.