The path of sustainability at KS Service Center

At KS Service Center, we strive for progress, and that includes making our carbon footprint as small as possible. With this endeavor, we have taken some steps that we would like to share with you. Welcome to a new blog post where we highlight the path of sustainability at KS Service Center.

How to make steel more sustainable?

The journey to ISO 14001

We recently reached an important milestone: achieving ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems. We don't see this as just another certificate; for us it's recognition of our commitment to sustainability, and we're very proud of that. In the blog post, we take you through the significance of this certification and how it helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Steel and Green Steel

At KS Service Center, we believe that sustainable steel processing is the future. Find out in this post how we are striving for greener alternatives and sustainable solutions. We elaborate on our Green Steel initiative and how we plan to contribute to a more sustainable industry in the coming years.

Working together for a greener future

Teamwork and future ambitions

Nothing can be achieved without teamwork. We would like to thank our colleagues for their dedication to sustainability. Together, we continue to strive for a greener future. Discover our future ambitions, such as increasing our share of green steel and making certain business processes completely carbon neutral.